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“Freshwater swimming pool” is the term used by the swimming pool industry to distinguish between a conventional and a saltwater pool. 

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a freshwater swimming pool. You can come close and the way you do that is by minimizing the amount of solids, or elements that will become dissolved solids that you add to the pool. So what is the technical definition of a freshwater pool? Truly fresh water is defined by the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS’s) in the water. According to the EPA, anything over 500 parts per million cannot be classified as freshwater. Of all the water on earth, less than 3% is freshwater.

Every time you add stabiliser or sunblock or chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, you’re adding to the dissolved solids. The higher the level of dissolved solids, the more uncomfortable the pool becomes and the more irritating the water is to the bather.  A salt pool is obviously not a freshwater pool. It is very high in dissolved solids (between 4,000-6,000 ppm) because of all the sodium chloride or magnesium chloride you have to add to produce a safe chlorine level.

In a traditional pool being run on chlorine where you’re constantly adding chlorine to keep the levels up, you’re pushing the TDS levels higher and higher. And if you’re adding liquid chlorine, this is a saltwater solution that is carrying the chlorine to release it into the water. So every time you pour that brine into the pool you are increasing the levels of dissolved solids.

The truth is that whatever pool water purification system you use to treat your pool water you are adding to the Total Dissolved Solids and older the pool, the worse it gets. Whether it’s an ioniser, an ozonator or a salt chlorinator or you’re simply sticking to the old-fashioned method of adding chlorine, you are not going to achieve a freshwater swimming pool – ever. So what’s the answer?

One of the great advantages of the Enviroswim system that we have developed and patented is that you absolutely minimise the amount of chemicals that you add to the water. The result is as close as you can come to the freshwater experience in a swimming pool while still ensuring the water is completely safe for the bather.

What makes the Enviroswim ES3 system unique is the combination of copper, silver, electrolysis and ultrasonics.

The only chemicals you have to add are miniscule amounts of pool acid and sodium bicarbonate to maintain the pH balance. Some pools may require a small amount of salt on commissioning to stimulate the conductivity of the system. Does it work?

Well, let’s see what the people already using the system have to say:

“Nearly 2 years on and our pool water is simply fantastic. No chlorine, crystal clear water, no need to rinse off after swimming and definitely no red eyes. The system itself is very simple to use and we have only just changed the original copper and silver electrodes.  By the way, our beloved cat would rather drink out of the pool than his water bowl.”

“The water quality is far in excess of what we have experienced over 30 years of previous water quality technology. Our water is always crystal clear, tasteless and odourless. We can go away for weeks on end and the system does not miss a beat.”

“This is the best unit I have ever owned and it is so easy to maintain. In summer our pool gets to anywhere between 90 to 105 degrees and it still worked. The water feels like spring water on the skin. There isn’t any algae growth, I was able to swallow the water with no ill effects and was able to water the potted plants around the pool with a bucket that I filled from the pool and the plants are better than thriving.”

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is certainly good news for pool owners and swimmers alike and it also happens to be true. So if you have any questions about how to achieve and maintain a freshwater pool with an eco-friendly pool cleaner, please contact us.

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