Enviroswim ES3, Robo-tek Robo-Plus & Enviroswim Semi Automatic Doser

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The Enviroswim ES3, Robo-tek Robo-Plus and Enviroswim Semi Automatic doser make looking after your pool even easier.

The Robo-tek Robo-Plus transforms pool cleaning from a chore, to an activity even the kids will want to do. With the Robo-tek Robo-Plus in your pool, your family and friends can enjoy a cleaner, safer swim.

The Powerful twin drive motors give you exceptional maneuverability and climbing capability, and the dedicated high capacity filter bag and a systematic cleaning program, the Robo-tek Robo-Plus will economically and efficiently clean your pool and improve the quality of your water. With the hand held, full function remote control, you can even “target clean” the pool just prior to jumping in.

The Enviroswim Semi Automatic doser, accurate amounts of liquid pH adjuster can be selected and adjusted to automatically dose your pool as required to maintain clean, healthy and balanced water.

The gradual dosing of sanitiser and pH adjuster significantly reduces your chemical usage and saves you as much as 30% of your chemical costs by minimising fluctuating levels of chemicals. The Enviroswim Semi Automatic doser removes the need of manually adding acid and much of the guess work in pool ownership. Slow and constant addition of your chemicals creates a healthy pool , reduces time and saves you money in maintaining your pool.

Included in this offer:

1 x Enviroswim ES3 Domestic System

  • Wall mounted control unit
  • Flow Cell (connects to pvc pipe on return line)
  • ES3 copper/silver electrode x 2
  • Ultrasonic system
  • Electronic oxidising system
  • Test Kit
  • Installation Instructions
  • Operating Instructions

1 x Robo-tek Robo-Plus (Available in: Light blue / Dark blue / White)

  • Wall & stair climbing capability
  • A full function remote control for spot cleaning
  • An aluminium caddy for transport and storage
  • Sponge wheels suitable for all pool surfaces
  • 2 powerful drive motors
  • 24 months limited warranty for consumer use
  • Dynamic Monitoring of pump and drive motors

1 x Enviroswim Semi Automatic doser

  • Chemical doser
  • Acid dosing drum not included