Enviromentally Friendly

Reduce costs by up to 50%

Tested by Government Labs

A Unique Patented Australian Designed & Manufactured Pool Sanitiser.


With over 20 years of industry sales and 10,000+ systems already installed, see what our customers say! You can also view some real world examples of how and where Enviroswim systems have been used to produce amazing results.



Our Process

Experience the benefits and feel the difference

Water clean and pure enough to drink

The Enviroswim Process has been tested in New Zealand and met New Zealand drinking water standards*.
*We are not recommending you drink your pool water

Freshwater Swimming

Convert your Saltwater/Chlorine Pool and enjoy the superior Freshwater experience. No chlorine smell or taste, less harmful to plants and all your pool interior and surrounds.

Accredited and Tested

Enviroswim ES-3 is the only swimming pool Sanitiser system in the Australian market that has been rigorously tested by government authorities and was found to be 30 times quicker to act than chlorine, keeping your family safe.

Up to 50% less running time required

Reduce pump run times and save on energy costs. The Enviroswim ES-3 is designed to run for 1 hour per 10,000L per day.

Reduces harsh chemicals

Reduced maintenance and chemical costs.

Thousands already installed

Join the the thousands of customers experiencing the benefits.

Our Customers

Experience the benefits & feel the difference

While other companies make assertions, we present verified facts tested by government authorities.

The world’s most effective & safest sanitiser as tested by Government laboratories.