4 in 1 Test Kit


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4 in 1 Pool & Spa Test Kit – pH, chlorine/bromine, acid demand, total alkalinity

 A test kit is one of the most important tools for the accurate care for your pool or spa. It will aid you in maintaining the hygienic conditions of the water and help prevent water problems which can damage pool or spa-related equipment. This 4 in1 Test kit gives you the ability to test for the four most common parameters used to keep your pool or spa water in a good condition. This kit will assess your pool’s chlorine, bromine, pH levels, acid demand and total alkalinity.


  • pH Test – pH is the proportion of acid to alkaline content in the water. As a result of this test, you can adjust the levels of chemical additives.
  • Acid Demand – A test which indicates how much hydrochloric acid (pH decreaser), if any should be added to your pool to provide a balanced PH level.
  • Total Alkalinity – This test indicates the pool water’s ability to resist abrupt changes in the PH.

Note: Ideal levels for the above are shown on page 19 of the Enviroswim User Manual. Link: Downloads – Enviroswim