What Are the Real Costs of Maintaining Your Freshwater Swimming Pool?

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There’s no question that having your own freshwater swimming pool is a dream shared by many of us. Around a million Australian homeowners are lucky enough to do so. And there’s no doubt that having a beautiful swimming pool on your property brings a host of benefits and pleasures.

However, as many of us are only too aware, maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool these days can be a bit of a nightmare bringing with it a lot of expense and a load of hassle. First of all, there’s the cost of the chemicals you have to add to keep the pool free from bacteria and algae. Most Australians have chosen two methods of pool water purification: chlorine or salt. Now both these systems have inherent problems (view  our comparison blog) but let’s focus on cost.

Of course, there are many variables involved – bather load, climate, surrounding environment, dust, leaves etc. – it’s almost impossible to provide exact figures. But let’s take your average residential swimming pool and work out some typical costs. Say the pool is 50,000 litres and is used by a family of four and their friends. If you have a chlorine dosed pool, in order to maintain a high enough level of chlorine so the water is safe, you’ll be adding $75 of chemicals per month. Once you add it all up, it comes to an eye-watering total of $900. per annum.

With your salt water chlorinated pool the cost are slightly reduced, expect to pay $780 per annum or $65 per month for chemicals

Then, there’s the power you need to run the pump and as we all know these costs are rising. Whether it’s a chlorine pool or a salt chlorinated pool, for your average residential pool, you need to run the pump 8 hours a day. At current prices, this works out at around $62 per month. Add it up and the total is $740 amount per annum.

It’s not just the direct costs of buying the chemicals and paying for the power, you’ve got to factor in all the time spent going to the pool shop, lugging back the chemicals, monitoring the pH, pouring in the chemicals and going back to the pool shop. Either that or you pay the pool guy to do it for you. Besides all the hassle and expense of maintaining your chlorinated pool, let’s not forget the threat to our health and damage to the environment. More and more scientific evidence is coming in from around the world stating that chlorine and especially its toxic by-products are hazardous to human health and harmful to the environment. So how do you maintain a safe, healthy pool without it costing the earth?

The good news is that there is an answer: the Enviroswim ES3 swimming pool water purification system. It works like magic. Not only does Enviroswim give you crystal clear water that poses no health threats and does absolutely no harm to the environment, it saves you money.

So what are the costs of running the Enviroswim system? The costs of maintaining your swimming pool are dramatically reduced due to the elimination of most chemicals and the reduction of the remaining chemicals. And it’s so efficient that you can cut back on the time the pump is on so you save 50% on power.

Let’s take another look at that average swimming pool, only now the pool water purification is being taken care of by Enviroswim. You need to add a little salt during installation to stimulate the conductivity. After that, the only chemicals required are small amounts of pool acid and sodium bicarbonate to maintain the pH balance. $15 per month or $180 per annum You need only run the pump for 4 hours a day instead of 8; $1 per day! Other than that, your only outlay is replacing the copper and silver electrodes and they are good for 2 years. So your total cost with Enviroswim is $695 per annum. including electrodes as opposed to chlorine dosed pool i.e. $1640 per annum and salt chlorinated pool i.e. $1520 per annum.

So you can see the economical swimming pool system will pay for itself in 3 years. From then on, you will be able to maintain your swimming pool for next to nothing. Besides saving yourself a lot of expense and headaches, you can feel good about the fact your swimming pool is doing no harm to the environment and what price can you put on that?

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