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Enviroswim April 15, 2015

Bleach, Swimming Pools & Cleaning Products

This week we came across an interesting article about the use of bleach, swimming pools & cleaning products. Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach is a chemical which can be found in many of our day to day cleaning products, which additionally is one of the primary compounds used to chlor...
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Enviroswim August 25, 2014

What are the real costs of maintaining your freshwater swimming pool?

There’s no question that having your own freshwater swimming pool is a dream shared by many of us. Around a million Australian homeowners are lucky enough to do so. And there’s no doubt that having a beautiful swimming pool on your property brings a host of benefits and pleasures....
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Enviroswim May 20, 2014

The best swimming pool sanitiser in the world

At 644 feet, The World is the largest privately owned yacht on the planet. Those who live onboard continuously circumnavigate the globe, spending extensive time in the most exotic and well-traveled ports and waking up in a new destination every few days....
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