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Enviroswim May 12, 2015

Enviroswim and Pool Builders

This week we would like to talk about Enviroswim and our relationship with pool builders in Australia. Enviroswim has been commercially operating for over ten years but yet we hear a lot of negativity and false statements from prospective customers who have been misled by their local pool builder...
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Enviroswim May 06, 2015

Dow sells off chlorine assets.

Today we came across an interesting article about Dow Chemical selling off its chlorine operations. Considering the revenue that is generated from chlorine and other chemicals sales, we have to wonder why the operations are being sold....
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Enviroswim April 24, 2015

Swimming and its health benefits

Today we decided to bring you some fun facts about the health benefits of swimming. Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia and is a healthy, low cost activity that all the family can enjoy which has many physical and mental health benefits....
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Enviroswim April 15, 2015

Bleach, Swimming Pools & Cleaning Products

This week we came across an interesting article about the use of bleach, swimming pools & cleaning products. Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach is a chemical which can be found in many of our day to day cleaning products, which additionally is one of the primary compounds used to chlor...
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Enviroswim August 25, 2014

What are the real costs of maintaining your freshwater swimming pool?

There’s no question that having your own freshwater swimming pool is a dream shared by many of us. Around a million Australian homeowners are lucky enough to do so. And there’s no doubt that having a beautiful swimming pool on your property brings a host of benefits and pleasures....
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