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Enviroswim September 28, 2016

Natural Pools

A Natural pool is a system where the water is treated biologically, without the use of chlorine and chemicals. The water passes thought the sand filter beds, where aerobic and anaerobic bacteria live ready to attack single cell algae. The regeneration zone has plants that feed on the nutrients, star...
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Enviroswim July 20, 2016

Tips: Choosing A Pool Builder

4 tips to keep in mind when choosing a pool builder and equipment.1. Glossy photos & industry awards have little value when things go wrong. ...
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Enviroswim July 19, 2016

Enviroswim asks... Variable speed Pumps.. Will they save you money?

The Pros and Cons of the variable speed pool pump. Variable speed pumps have been around for a few years now and a host of unforeseen issues has arisen for the residential pool owner and/or pool service person. We came across a blog on a US website that sums it up pretty well in our opinion....
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Enviroswim March 01, 2016

Enviroswim, Pool Shops & Myths

There are thousands of pool shops and pool service companies throughout Australia. The majority are hard working Aussies trying to earn an honest living providing a valued community service. So why is Enviroswim writing this blog seemingly attacking them?...
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Enviroswim August 26, 2015

Eco Friendly Prize Home Chooses Enviroswim

Yes, the Enviroswim experience is all about the look and feel of crystal clear water. But there is a very serious purpose behind creating the world’s safest and most effective water sanitizer: it has no harmful side-effects, neither on bathers or the environment. This must be why it’s the system of ...
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Enviroswim August 24, 2015

The Best Alternative Pool System In The World. Q & A

As the creators of Australia’s most innovative and effective water treatment system, we get many calls from people wanting to know the facts. There’s a lot of hype and marketing propaganda about the various systems and the chemicals on which they depend. If you want to know the full story, you can d...
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