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4 tips to keep in mind when choosing a pool builder and equipment.

1. Glossy photos & industry awards have little value when things go wrong. It‘s hard to find a builder that hasn’t won some award. Our number one tip before signing a contract is: Ask your builder for the contact details of the owners of the last 3 – 4 pools the builder has completed. Then be sure to contact those owners! You will soon gauge their satisfaction level.

2 . Pool builders are construction engineers, not water treatment specialists. We are amazed at the amount of pool owners that are influenced by the pool builder regarding the equipment they install. It is a fact that many pool builders are given incentives to promote a particular brand of product, which is not necessarily the best option for the client. Remember that you are the one paying for the pool, always do your own research rather than just excepting the builders preferred choice. If the builder “bags” a particular product, follow up on the specific pool and product in question to check the authenticity of the claim.

3. Read the small print on the contract regarding variations. The penalties for not doing this can be severe when things go wrong. Example: soil collapse, damage to driveways and access points, discovery of rock when excavating… Knowing the facts up front can reduce stress and conflict down the line.

4. There is no substitute for research. Everyone will tell you their product is the best. Look for independent evidence and references that back up their claim. The following link is a good place to start you research and read about our own independent accreditation.

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