The Safest Swimming Pool Water Purification System in the World

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When it comes to swimming pool water purification systems, you can’t believe everything you read. Many companies, here in Australia and around the world, use clever marketing to promote claims for their systems. They make them out to be eco-friendly, safe, clean and green. Yet, to our knowledge, none of these companies have any independent testing or accreditation to back up these claims.

As more and more evidence comes in from every side about the real dangers of getting your swimming pool maintenance wrong, we think it’s important to let people know the truth. We have been at the forefront of swimming pool technology here in Australia since the turn of the century. We have developed and patented the most innovative, effective and the safest sanitation system in the world. It’s called the Enviroswim ES3 and it’s the only system to have received independent accreditation. Not only is it cleaner and greener than all the other systems, it is more effective in protecting bathers.

When we first introduced the Enviroswim system, we took it to the Tweed Laboratory, a government-run lab in New South Wales, where it was tested for efficacy in eliminating bacteria. At the same time, we asked them to run a test on chlorine alone. There was a control, which was no treatment at all. Then there was chlorine only. The protocol you had to follow was this: you had to get a reduction of a bacterium called pseudamonas aeruginosa in 30 seconds. The reason being that this is one of the harder bacteria to control in a swimming pool environment. The theory is that if you can control it, then the other bacteria and pathogens will be easy to control.

Our system had no problem meeting these requirements whereas chlorine not only failed to reduce the bacterium in 30 seconds, it couldn’t do it in 15 minutes!

We then took our system to the NSF in the United States. This is the leading authority on water purification in the world. To achieve the much sought after accreditation, the NSF 50, you have to pass a series of stringent tests including:

  • Microbiological Efficacy –  proven to meet required standards as a sanitising system for pools and spas.
  • Longevity Test – continuous running for 8000 hrs at an ambient temp of 40 degrees C without fault.
  • Uniformity of output – system demonstrated reliable reproducibility of output over test period.
  • Pool surface staining potential – no staining of pool surface during test period.
  • UV and freeze test – components meet UV and freeze test requirements.
  • Chemical resistance text – components meet chemical exposure requirements.
  • Manuals and Test Kits – meet readability and accuracy standard.
  • UL tests – meet stringent tests for electrical safety of all components.

We are the only manufacturer of a pool sanitation system that has all this accreditation. The only requirement we’re aware of, if you want to manufacture, a salt chlorinator, is that you’ve got to have electrical approval. Obviously, water and electricity is a combination where extra care has to be taken. But as to the efficacy of the system in killing bacteria or eliminating the toxic by-products introduced by chemicals, there are no requirements, so you can make any claims you like.

This is the message we want to get across to all swimming pool owners who are still using chlorine or salt for water purification. There is an alternative and not only is it better for the bathers and the environment, it is a more effective water purification treatment. It’s good for your pool, it’s good for your family and friends, it’s good for your garden and it’s good for the environment. So if you are among the minority of Australians who have invested in the Envroswim system, all we can say is: good for you!

If you’d like to know more about anything you read in our blogs or see on our site, please get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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