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The World is an extraordinary cruise ship, the ultimate in personal freedom and luxury lifestyle.

At 644 feet, The World is the largest privately owned yacht on the planet. Those who live onboard continuously circumnavigate the globe, spending extensive time in the most exotic and well-traveled ports and waking up in a new destination every few days.

On its most recent voyage the dream ship came to dock in Brisbane, right on our doorstep. It was an opportunity to catch up with one of our valued customers as the people behind The World have been using the Enviroswim ES3 sanitation system for the pool on board.

As you can imagine, the passengers on board are among the most discerning customers and have extremely high standards. So when it came to water purification for the swimming pools the designers and engineers wanted to find the very best. They were looking for a system that would be completely safe without having to chemicals especially chlorine. The fact that swimming pool is located in the restaurant meant the obnoxious smell of chlorinated water was out of the question. So they came to us and decided to install Enviroswim in the restaurant pool.

“We have used your ES3 model for nearly 9 months now, and we are very happy with it. The water is very clear and without any odor of chlorine. It is a very easy system to maintain and the installation was easy also. As a bonus we reduced the cost of chemicals and increased the life time on pumps etc. In other words, it’s a win-win situation. Also the service you give us is worth mentioning – as it is EXCELLENT. Without a doubt, this is a great product for pool sanitizing and I will recommend it to all pool owners.”

That was 4 years ago. Since then, the system has worked faultlessly and, other than orders for anodes, we haven’t heard from them. So we paid them a visit. There’s a new environmental engineer on board now and he admitted that at first he was skeptical. Like many people who haven’t experienced the almost magical way Enviroswim keeps the water crystal clear, he was concerned that without adding chlorine or equivalent the bathers would be at risk but his skepticism was short lived after he saw the results of the Enviroswim on the pool water.

Since the installation of the Enviroswim system on board Enviroswim has gained the prestigious NSF 50 certification so we took him through some of the laboratory testing we put the system through here in Australia and the NSF in the USA resulting in the worldwide accreditation that we have achieved. We also showed him some of the comparisons with other systems. All this did was confirm what his senses had already told him and what our customers have been saying all along.

“Everything you told us is true: the Enviroswim system is very easy to use (set & forget), extremely low maintenance & best of all the water is pristine and clear each and every day without one drop of any chemical oxidiser.”

“I am thrilled with Enviroswim. I have not needed to add chlorine at all. Our water is the cleanest it has ever been.”

“We have had a large Enviroswim pool system (3 ES3 Units) for 4 years and it has operated faultlessly and maintained superb water quality throughout this time.”

So you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the ultimate luxury of crystal clear water in your swimming pool. You just need to install the world’s best sanitation system.

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