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As the creators of Australia’s most innovative and effective water treatment system, we get many calls from people wanting to know the facts. There’s a lot of hype and marketing propaganda about the various systems and the chemicals on which they depend. If you want to know the full story, you can download our FREE e-book Crystal Clear, but these are the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.Can Enviroswim be installed on my existing pool?

A. Absolutely. Enviroswim can be installed in any existing pool with any type of pool surface and any type of existing sanitizer. There’s no need to drain your existing water. Plug and play.

Q. How difficult is Enviroswim to install?

A. Keep It Simple. This is the principle behind the Enviroswim design. If you want to know how easy it is, take a look at our How-to video.

Q. Do I have to run Enviroswim continuously?

A. No. The run time is far less than conventional pool treatment systems. Between 25% and 50% reduction can be achieved when compared to conventional pool systems. Pool pumps are one of the highest consumers of electricity so you make significant savings on your electric bill. Your pool equipment will last longer because it is running for less time without hazardous chemicals and corrosive salt.

Q. Will an Enviroswim pool need more maintenance?

A. ;Definitely not. Your Enviroswim pool requires far less maintenance than conventional pools: just a few minutes a month. This is achieved by the extremely high efficacy and residual effects of Enviroswim in your pool water.;

Q. Ideally, I want a chemical free pool. Is Enviroswim a chemical free pool?

A. ; There is no such thing as a chemical free pool. However, an Enviroswim pool is as close as you’re going to get. It kills bacteria and algae without the addition of dangerous chemicals and will give you the purest, safest swimming water.

Q. What chemicals do I need to add to an Enviroswim pool?

A. ; The only additions to an Enviroswim pool are sodium bi-carbonate (baking powder) and small amounts of hydrochloric acid to control pH and alkalinity.

Unlike conventional systems Enviroswim does not affect pH and alkalinity so the need for pool water adjustment is far less. But swimmers, dirt, dust and rain still affects the water balance so the need for correction is still required but far less.

Q. Is Enviroswim an automatic, no maintenance pool water treatment system?

A. There’s no such thing as an automatic, no maintenance pool water treatment system. But Enviroswim will give you the lowest operating and maintenance requirement of any system available. Conventional pool water treatment systems need constant adjustment and correction. Enviroswim does not – just a few minutes a month.

Q. If Enviroswim is this good why haven’t I heard about it and why is it not in my local pool shop?

A. Enviroswim has been around for almost twenty years now we have the best efficacy (ability to kill algae and bacteria quickly) of any sanitiser on the market. This has been proven by NSW government laboratory testing.

Enviroswim is the only Australian pool water treatmant system that has passed NSF accreditation.

Enviroswim is installed of thousand of pool world wide including some of the most prestigious swimming pools on the planet.

All other pool water treatment systems depend on chemicals with a recurring income stream for the chemical industry coming from pool shops. This may be why you haven’t heard about Enviroswim in your local pool shop!

We know the message is getting through as we get more and more testimonials from satisfied customers every week. Please take a look at what they have to say.

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