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So you have a pool, and it’s currently fitted out with a chlorine or saltwater system. Maybe it’s an ozone pool or another type of system. You want to switch to something cleaner, where you don’t have to regularly add chlorine, salt, hydrogen peroxide or stabiliser, and whatever else you are topping up with.

But you are thinking ‘what’s it going to take to swap to something new? It’ll take effort, and I don’t have time to deal with that’. However, you may be surprised at how simple Enviroswim is to install, even with an existing sanitiser in place. Most of our clients have switched over from other pool sanitisation systems.

Enviroswim can easily be retrofitted to existing pools, and you won’t need to replace your pump or filter. It’s so simple to use and we provide a comprehensive installation guide and a how-to’ video that’s available here.

Do I have to replace all the water in my pool?  not unless it has a high salt content in which case it may need diluting – Enviroswim will sanitise the existing water in your pool once it’s installed. It takes approximately  8 hours to sanitise your water to a quality that’s pure enough to drink*.

How long does Enviroswim take to install?  On average 1 hour. Once installed, we can explain everything to you and you can reach out to us at any point if you have any questions or concerns about your pool.

On average, our customers can expect a $950 a year saving with Enviroswim. It does this by reducing pump run time by up to 50% and added chemicals.  There are also zero upfront costs when you use Zip Pay, and it’s an investment that will pay itself off. While the initial outlay of Enviroswim may be more than older systems, it will begin saving you money the minute it’s installed.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, we grew up inspired by clean beaches and natural rock pools and wanted to recreate this natural pool experience in swimming pools. Our freshwater swimming pool system is based on a three processes system to purify water without the need to add chemicals like chlorine.  Enviroswim achieves water so pure, it’s purer than a mountain stream. This means you aren’t soaking up or inhaling the additives or by-products typically found in chemically treated pools.

Click here for more details and pricing comparisons.

*According to New Zealand drinking standards

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