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There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about alternatives to chlorine for swimming pool sanitation. We get calls from people all the time about the various products on the market that claim to be green or ‘eco-friendly’. They want to know what the difference is between these systems and enviroswim. The simple answer is: all the difference in the world.

The latest system claiming to be ‘eco-friendly’ is a combination of ultraviolet and hydrogen peroxide. Looking at the marketing materials you get the impression that this will transform your swimming pool into a natural freshwater pool.

The truth of the matter is: hydrogen peroxide is another dangerous chemical just like chlorine.

This particular system requires high levels of hydrogen peroxide to be effective. At these levels it becomes an irritant and will oxidise skin, hair and swimsuits. It can also cause respiratory problems. But more than being an irritant, hydrogen peroxide is a very dangerous product to have in the market place. It is extremely reactive and has been used by terrorists for making bombs. In our opinion there is no need for it and it should be banned for sale as a pool chemical.

Due to the large volumes of the volatile chemical that are required to run a pool, it will become readily available in large quantities to anyone walking into a pool shop. If you want to know how dangerous hydrogen peroxide is considered to be, check out the following video.

Besides these obvious hazards, it’s an expensive way to sanitise your swimming pool. The upfront cost of the system is high but then you have the ongoing costs of the Hydrogen Peroxide that you have to add in large quantities. The vested interests in the pool industry would have you believe that there is no effective alternative to chemicals but this is just not true. Not only is hydrogen peroxide dangerous and expensive but the combination with ultraviolet is a tricky system to run.

Here are a few excerpts from the guidelines for its use:

For the system to be effective it must operate 24 hours a day.

Ultraviolet has no effect on pH or colour and little effect on the chemical composition of pool water. However, the colour, turbidity and chemical composition of pool water can interfere with ultraviolet transmission.

Bacteria may be protected by turbidity, clumping and by the presence of slimes so the water must be adequately filtered and treated prior to ultraviolet exposure.

Ultraviolet disinfection is not pH-dependent, but the addition of hydrogen peroxide to pool water results in acidic conditions. This requires the pH to be raised to overcome bather discomfort and to protect the pool surfaces, plants and metal fixtures. It doesn’t sound very eco-friendly, does it?

Compare this with the experiences of people who have been using Enviroswim to treat their pool water:

“I am thrilled with Enviroswim. I have not needed to add chlorine at all. Our water is the cleanest it has ever been. I have been searching for a product that does what it claims to do without chlorine and other chemicals and this is the first product that worked way beyond my expectations. Because we have so much rain, sun and our weather is so warm in the summer, I was concerned how well it would work. This is the best unit I have ever owned and it is so easy to maintain. In summer our pool gets to anywhere between 90 to 105 degrees with just the sun alone and it still worked. The water feels like spring water on the skin.”

“The water quality is far in excess of what we have experienced over 30 years of previous water quality technology. Our water is always crystal clear, tasteless and odourless. We can go away for weeks on end and the system does not miss a beat. We heartily recommend this brilliant Aussie technology to any prospective pool owners.”

So don’t be fooled by clever marketing and join the happy pool owners who have installed the safest, cleanest and greenest water purification system in the world. As the name suggests, Enviroswim is truly eco-friendly and minimises the use of chemicals and their impact on human health and the environment.

If you want to know more, please do get in touch.

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