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A Natural pool is a system where the water is treated biologically, without the use of chlorine and chemicals. The water passes thought the sand filter beds, where aerobic and anaerobic bacteria live ready to attack single cell algae. The regeneration zone has plants that feed on the nutrients, starving the food source that algae live off.

We are passionate about minimising or eliminating harmful chemicals in swimming pools, however there has to be a common sense approach to this when it comes to bather safety.  We understand theses pools originated in northern Europe where cooler climates and water temperatures showed some success in using the methodology. In Australia, we’re receiving a growing number of enquiries from natural pool owners & builders to see if they can add an Enviroswim system to the natural system in an effort to eliminate the unsightly algae growth and improve water quality.  Image above: NSW natural pool, owner not happy with the result.

The choice is clear to us; you can choose to build a pond and accept the fact that the pond will have algae, slimy surfaces and no proven sanitising properties or you can build a controlled, clean environment swimming pool designed to provide a safe clean environment to swim in, using minimal chemicals. There seems to be little, if any, mention of the sanitising properties of the water using a natural pool system, maybe its because there are none!

There is one very serious health concern that we have with the Natural Pool system when used in warmer climates.  Naegleria fowleri infection, if you click Naegleria fowleri you will  understand our concern. Whilst it is a rare infection, we would never want our families and friends exposed to the chance of infection from this brain-eating bug. Extract : Naegleria infection does not respond to any known treatment and is lethal.

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