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If you or your children have allergies, chances are you spend summer avoiding chlorinated pools. But there is a way to enjoy swimming without harsh chemicals, as Enviroswim customer Andrew Masel found out.

For years, Andrew Masel watched his son endure hours of discomfort – red eyes, uncontrollable sneezing and itchy skin – after spending just a short time in the water.

“We’ve never had a pool at home before because of my son’s chlorine allergy. We would normally only swim at the beach. While re-designing our backyard a few years ago, a contractor suggested a pool, so I started looking into the alternatives to a standard salt chlorinator,” Andrew said.

Working in the medical research industry (and as a self-confessed gadget guy) Andrew threw himself into research, seeking out the options for non-chlorine pools.

“Reviews on pools all said the same thing,” said Andrew. “It’s never ending with the chemicals, maintenance, cost etc. I thought ‘surely there’s a better way to do things in 2018?’.”

After some colleagues highly recommended Enviroswim, he took the suggestion to his pool builder, Outdoor Aspects, who were very impressed with the system and have since worked with us on other customers’ pools.

Since installing the system with the added automatic pH doser, Andrew says there is not much to do other than enjoy the pool.

“It’s a breeze to run. The pH is always right – it’s a matter of set and forget. We use the pump for just a couple of hours a day on our 20,000L pool.”

In terms of maintenance, the system looks after itself. The Enviroswim ES3 System also reduces a pool’s carbon footprint by reducing pump run times by up to 50 per cent.

“In my industry, we work with copper a lot. It’s a well-known antimicrobial. Living close to bushland, having a freshwater system that stops bacteria from growing was a huge plus.”

At Enviroswim, we wanted to create a system that didn’t use added chlorine, chemicals or stabilisers that cause issues for people with allergies (and are banned in some parts of the world due to serious health concerns!).

Our patented technology simultaneously uses three processes (electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics) to run its electronic freshwater sanitisation systems, producing water so clean it meets safe drinking water standards in New Zealand.

When summer comes, Andrew says the family uses the pool almost like a shower. With no chlorine smell lingering on skin and hair, they just have a swim and towel off.

“With a normal pool my son could only last about twenty minutes before he would start sneezing and have red eyes for the rest of the day. Now he swims for hours on end with no issues. Kookaburras clean themselves in the water and the dog drinks straight from the pool. The animals instinctively know it’s natural and they love it.”

We are so glad Andrew’s son is making up for lost time and enjoying the benefits of our cleaner, greener, safer alternative to using toxic pool chemicals. If you want to ditch the chemicals and help your family enjoy allergy-free swimming, contact us to find out more 

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