Ioniser V Enviroswim for Swimming Pool Water Purification

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Copper/silver ionisation is the most popular form of swimming pool ionisation. Copper and silver are nature’s mineral sanitisers and have been used for thousands of years to sanitise water. Copper is a powerful algaecide and silver is an effective biocide. 

There are lots of reasons that make copper and silver a better alternative to chlorine and other chemical sanitisers. Unlike these chemicals, copper and silver remain unaffected by heat and UV. This makes it a lot easier to maintain a residual level in pool water. The copper and silver ions continue to work as an algaecide and biocide in the pool water even when the equipment is turned off.

The competition in the swimming pool industry has tried to discredit the use of copper and silver in pools smearing it with the ‘heavy metal’ label. They suggest that the levels of copper and silver in the water are dangerous. But this is just not true. The amounts required to sanitise a pool are minuscule and well below the recommended amounts for municipal drinking water. It’s just another example of how confusing this industry can be and how the public is being misinformed. And not to their advantage!

However there is a problem with using only copper and silver to treat water. On their own, they do not oxidise the organic compounds in the pool such as oils, dust, urine. This is why people who use ionisers often end up adding a residual oxidiser usually chlorine. Ionisers have to be monitored carefully to ensure they don’t cause problems with staining. There have been instances of copper staining pool surfaces and equipment which have given them a bad reputation which the competition has not hesitated to exploit!

The fact is that you cannot safely treat your swimming pool water without some form of oxidiser. This is why we added two more components to the Enviroswim system. Compare this to Enviroswim ES3, the world’s most effective swimming pool water purification system.

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