If the Water Birds Love Enviroswim, It Must Be Good!

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We recently received a fantastic testimonial from one of our customers, Anthony, with some amazing photographs of his water birds enjoying the Enviroswim fresh water swimming pool. We couldn’t help but share it with you guys.

We do get queries from customers whether it’s safe for their pets and you can tell from reading our customer testimonials on how safe and eco-friendly is this swimming pool sanitation system!

This is what our lovely customer, Anthony, had to say:

We had your system installed early 2012 and we just love it and so do the water birds. These two come back several times a day as they think the pool is their local waterhole.

We find the water in the pool to be really lovely and clear and the kids have obviously never complained about stinging eyes you always get with fluctuating chlorine or salt systems.

We recently installed an automatic acid feed to automatically maintain the pH level and it only takes about 500ml – 800ml per week to do that. So now the pool takes virtually zero work to keep it maintained. It stops the fluctuations and some early copper fall out with higher pH levels.

With having crystal clear, pure water in our pool, enjoying a swim is so much more pleasant.”

As you can tell from the testimonial, Enviroswim freshwater system is very easy to maintain and is loved by all. We can’t help but appreciate Anthony’s photography skills!

We hope this testimonial gives you insight into our existing customer experience, how to easily maintain your pools using our Enviroswim water purification system and how enjoyable it is for everyone in the household- especially your kids and pets. For any other queries, you can always get in touch with us.

We would love to hear about how your experience has been with Enviroswim and we would love it if you can share some photos on our Facebook page for all to see and benefit from your positive experience.

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