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With so many health, environmental, operating and financial benefits, it’s easy to see why Enviroswim is so popular for anyone who wants to enjoy swimming in fantastic, safe fresh water.

We’ve teamed up with Zip to give you greater payment flexibility. Now you can own your Enviroswim fresh water sanitiser sooner and start reaping the rewards today.

How Zip works

With Zip you can own your Enviroswim fresh water sanitiser today. You simply apply for an account with Zip and set up flexible repayments to suit you.

The benefit is that you can use the operational savings (from using less energy and chemicals) to help pay off the system – while reaping the health and environmental benefits of swimming in fresh water straight away!

Start reaping the savings today

The costs of maintaining your swimming pool are dramatically reduced when you install the Enviroswim freshwater system:

  • Save on energy costs – reduce pump run times
  • Save on chemical costs
  • No need to buy pool stabiliser
  • No need for high salt concentrations
  • No need to add chlorine (or use salt water chlorinators to produce chlorine)
  • Save on other regular consumables like hydrogen peroxide
  • Get longer lifespan from all equipment including pool interior surfaces, hard and soft landscaping

Most regular chemicals are eliminated completely – no more spending hundreds of dollars each year on salt, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and stabiliser – while any remaining chemicals are greatly reduced.

You’ll also save on energy costs by cutting back on the amount of time you need to run your pool pump. Not to mention free your weekends of dealing with pool maintenance hassles – or paying someone else to do this for you!

Find out more about how freshwater pools save you money.

Enjoy freshwater sooner

Naturally, the biggest bonus is that you and your family will get to enjoy all the health and environmental benefits of your freshwater pool sooner.

Read more about the health benefits of installing Enviroswim’s ES3 unique patented freshwater system.

How to apply

Ready to enjoy swimming in freshwater sooner with Zip and Enviroswim?

To apply for Zip simply click the Zip logo in our online store and follow the prompts: Enviroswim > Buy Now > Zip > Create your account

Find all the Enviroswim Zip Pay info here

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