Fiji Resorts Set to Embrace Gold Coast Eco-pool Technology

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After making a splash in the Maldives, Enviroswim set its its sights on the resorts of Fiji as part of a select delegation of Australian businesses joining Austrade’s Building and Construction Mission to Fiji.

In October, we travelled to Fiji to meet key decision makers, supporting Fiji’s tourism and construction industry to discuss its cleaner, greener, safer alternative to chemicals in swimming pools.

We see a lot of potential in Fiji as an emerging export market, joining the growing list of pristine locations soaking up the benefits of Enviroswim’s chemical-free water purification technology.

There is huge demand for energy efficient solutions and eco-friendly equipment among world class resorts. Our system is ideal for island resorts like Fiji’s that currently ferry chemical supplies from the mainland to outlying islands.

According to Austrade, Fiji is experiencing a renewed level of confidence in building and construction, with local and overseas investors announcing several multi-million dollar resort and residential projects to service its international tourism market, which attracts 900,000 visitors each year.

New resort and other building projects planned or under construction in Fiji include the 18-storey MHCC Tower, FJ$500m Wyndham Silkroad Art Hotel, FJ$70m Holiday Inn Resort, 453 room Crowne Plaza Resort, 236 room Pullman Nadi Bay Resort and Spa, 9-storey Fantasy Island and Palm Beach resort and residential estate.

Using the Enviroswim system to purify the water in their pools, tourism operators can reduce their carbon footprint, minimise the use of toxic pool chemicals and minimise the impact on the environment, while giving guests all the benefits of swimming in crystal clear, fresh water.

We are proud to see our technology, designed with government support here in Australia, being adopted by some of the most prestigious and innovative resorts around the world.

The Enviroswim system reduces a pool’s carbon footprint, by reducing pump run times by up to 50 per cent. It also minimises the use of chemicals, with no chlorine or pool stabiliser required.

The water purification system has already been adopted by some of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable resorts in the Maldives, including the award-winning Soneva Fushi and the luxurious Soneva Jani resorts.

The system has recently taken out the top award for the ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’ at The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) WA Awards of Excellence.

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