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There are thousands of pool shops and pool service companies throughout Australia. The majority are hard-working Aussies trying to earn an honest living providing a valued community service.

So why is Enviroswim writing this blog seemingly attacking them?

The reason is that a few of these pool shops and pool techs are causing Enviroswim grief, mainly through spreading untruths about Enviroswim through ignorance of our system or fear of a very viable alternative to their business model that reduces end users costs, improve water safety and quality and is far easier to maintain than products they are offering.

How can this be?

Well firstly lets have a look at the pool shop and pool guys business model. They are mainly about recurring income through the  sale of chemicals. Just check your surrounding area how many pool shops and pool guys are there? They are not surviving on free water testing or a call out fee. Many of the  pool products that are promoted by these groups are by there inefficiencies creators of even more chemical sales, variable speed pumps spring to mind.

When you have a minute please read our earlier blog on “Eco Pumps”  click here

Most pool shops offer free water testing….please try taking in a water sample and have it tested and see what chemicals and what solutions you are recommended to purchase and at what cost. Also, try taking one sample from your pool, divide that sample up into say 3 different samples and take it to 3 different pool shops and compare the difference in readings and chemicals you are recommended to purchase you may be surprised by what your see. We often hear of ridiculous & concerning variations when pool owners try this. Which sample is correct to go on???

In Australia we are required to have a license to keep a dog at home but to give advice in a pool shop on highly dangerous chemicals and issues that can seriously effect the health of you and your family there is no license or qualifications required….Why is this allowed?  We reckon the time is long overdue for the introduction of qualifications, accountability, licensing and recording of pool chemical sales. See the following links for just a couple of reasons why?

link to pool explosion

link to government alert

The APVMA is often used by pool shops to criticise Enviroswim, well please read the response we received from the APVMA a Canberra department responsible for chemical registration & approval. We asked under Freedom of Information about the documented efficiency of their registered pool sanitisers….As per their response it does not exist. APVMA reply here

Now lets have a look at Enviroswim

We take umbrage at the falsehoods that are told about Enviroswim by some pool shops and pool guys.

We often hear feedback from customers and potential customers that they are told Enviroswim is just another pool ioniser, that it is illegal, that it does not work in hot climates, that if they purchase Enviroswim they will need to run it 24 hours a day plus a lot more urban myths about Enviroswim.

All of the above based on ignorance or fear.

Let us dispel these urban myths about Enviroswim.

If you install an Enviroswim your pool operating costs will be slashed on energy and chemical…guaranteed.

If you install an Enviroswim your maintenance time spent on the pool will be slashed.

If you install an Enviroswim your swimming experience will be fantastic just see our customer response. Read our genuine testimonials here

Enviroswim has been around almost twenty years now and sales are growing every year. How come you may not have heard about us? Well it is very difficult to promote a system in an industry dominated by recurring income from chemical sales when Enviroswim shatters that business model.

Enviroswim has been assisted in its development by both Australian State and Federal Govt.

Enviroswim is the only Australian company to have gained NSF 50  accreditation in the USA for an alternative pool sanitiser, NSF is considers by many as the unofficial prerequisite before your product can be installed on commercial swimming pools in the USA. Enviroswim has shattered the requirements on efficacy of a water sanitisers  as laid out in Australian Govt efficacy testing.  Report here

Enviroswim now has tens of thousands of satisfied customers world wide including some of the most prestigious commercial pools in the World.  Details here 

Since we started Enviroswim almost twenty years ago we have seen huge changes in the industry, the pool industry is changing and these changes are accelerating every year.

Customers today as opposed to twenty years ago are far better informed….just ask Mr google.  Customers can verify, review and check statements by sellers very quickly. Enviroswim in the last few years has seen many major swimming pool equipment manufacturers attempt to bring to market so called new green swimming pool sanitation products, mainly to try and satisfy customer demand for more greener energy efficient pool systems. All of these systems have been reinvented old technology wrapped up in expensive marketing and designed to get customers to buy expensive chemicals on a regular basis. Two that spring to mind are Magnapool and Hydroxypure. Who are the businesses behind these products? Zodiac and Swimart pool shops. Can you spot a trend here?

We foresee huge changes in the pool maintenance industry over the next few years, for numerous reasons.

  • The introduction of the so called big box store into the market Bunnings ect. A few years ago these store sold no pool equipment now our local Bunnings has three full isles of pool equipment and chemicals at a fraction the cost of the pool shop across the road, who do you think will survive?
  • Enviroswim as a business is growing fairly fast now after a slow start our growth is mainly based on the time proven ingredient, satisfied customers telling their friends and families of the benefits of the Enviroswim system.
  • Enviroswim offers everything the pool owner is looking for, safe and fantastic water to swim in at a vastly reduced cost on energy and maintenance when compared to all our competitors.
  • Customers and potential customers are far better informed and aware of the dangers to them and their families of chemicals and the imposters trying to get their money are easily spotted with a quick search on the internet.

As we said at the start there are many pool shops & service companies that run a professional operation, hopefully this blog will help make readers more aware of the ones that aren’t.

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