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While Enviroswim successfully purifies pool water in just 30 seconds, the evolution of the technology was not quite so instantaneous. The Australian-made system that makes pool water pure enough to drink* took five years to develop, and eighteen years down the track is keeping pools world-wide crystal clear and free of added chemicals.

Enviroswim started on the Gold Coast where the sun shines 300 days a year and swimming is a part of everyday life.  Visit in winter and you will find beaches along its 57km coastline packed with swimmers and surfers.  Almost every high-rise contains a pool.  Jumping into one has a definite downside though: chlorine and a raft of added chemicals that strip hair, dry skin and fade swimwear.

Phil Jones and Gary Stutt spotted an opportunity to create a cleaner and greener alternative to pool chemicals and chlorine.  They started Enviroswim out of a garage in Tallai in 2000, and with a grant through the government’s COMET program, patented the world’s first electronic freshwater sanitising system in 2005.  They put it to the test in Arizona’s harsh climate and continuously test to this day to support the claim of fresh and pure water.  The result is Enviroswim’s electronic fresh water sanitisation system which kills bacteria, viruses and fungi 30 times faster than chlorine without any added chemicals.

Residential pools was and still is Enviroswim’s focus. The system’s reputation has opened the brand up to private clients and boutique, luxury resorts in Brazil, the Maldives, Australia and France.  Today Enviroswim counts Angsana Balaclava Resort Mauritius, Soneva Fushi Resort in the Maldives, The World – the largest privately owned yacht on the planet – and Gwinganna, Australia’s world-class, eco-certified spa resort as clients. These resorts attract the most discerning travellers who are conscious of the environment and minimising the use of toxic chemicals.

There’s a lean towards cleaner living across the board with more emphasis on the state of our environment and its impact on our health. .  From chemical-free makeup and sunscreen to plastic-free bags, eco-friendly toothbrushes and organic ingredients, customers are becoming more and more conscious of their health and the planet every day.   So, before checking the ingredients in your post-swim smoothie for anything artificial, check that the water in your swimming pool is free of chemicals.  Your skin drinks water too after all.

Enviroswim is compatible with any pump, filter and heating solution so why wait to turn your pool into a fresh water oasis..

For more information call 1300888457 or email info@enviroswim.com

*According to New Zealand drinking standards

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