Enviroswim Asks… Looking for Australia’s Most Organic Eco-friendly Lifestyle Retreat?

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“The Spa Sanctuary at Gwinganna is quite simply world-class. One feels simultaneously immersed in nature and indulgent luxury. The staff at the sanctuary is extraordinary, their expertise and passion is unparalleled. ENJOY.”

At Australia’s only Eco-Tourism Certified health retreat, you can connect with supportive professionals who will teach you resilience in the modern world. Choose how much or how little you wish to do – explore new activities, nourish your body and nurture your spirit. Australian owned and operated, Gwinganna provides scenic views of the coast and surrounding valleys and a casual relaxed atmosphere. Located in the Hinterland of Queensland’s Gold Coast, we highly recommend you escape and discover Gwinganna. Enjoy superb facilities, delicious certified organic cuisine, stylish accommodation and the unique Spa Sanctuary.

In keeping with the spirit of a retreat dedicated to a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, Gwinganna has made sure to install the world’s most eco-friendly water sanitation system for their pools. “Enviroswim ensures that our rainwater filled swimming pools stay pure and allow our guests with sensitivities to enjoy swimming during their stay and not have to worry about chemicals and skin reactions. Our guests love the experience of swimming in our pools even more now.”
Sharon Kolkka, General Manager, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

If you are health-conscious and want the best for you and your family and yet you are still using chemicals to sanitise your swimming pool, please get in touch. There is a much cleaner greener and safer alternative. And it feels so wonderful to immerse yourself in crystal clear natural water. Just ask anyone who has been to Gwinganna.

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