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This week we would like to talk about Enviroswim and our relationship with pool builders in Australia.

Enviroswim has been commercially operating for over ten years but yet we hear a lot of negativity and false statements from prospective customers who have been misled by their local pool builder.

You may ask why is Enviroswim not being supplied by all pool builders?

The fact is Enviroswim is being stocked and promoted by many pool builders in Australia. To date, we have over 140 suppliers/builders who advocate Enviroswim with more adding to the list on a regular basis; however like any business model, many builders and pool shops have a vested interest in the on-going sales of chemicals like Chlorine. 

Don't always believe everything your pool builder tells you!  In some cases, pool builders may not be aware of  Enviroswim and how it differs from Ionisers. Make an informed decision and know the facts. Simply ask your builder to view our history and other credentials on the website. The facts speak for themselves!

If your builder is reluctant to install Enviroswim  and is still negative about the system but you want to embrace the benefits, please contact us or one of the registered suppliers/installers and we will organise the installation for you so you you can have the best pool sanitiser in the world at a discounted price.

Still unsure? Read our FAQ's and see how Enviroswim can deliver its promise.

Download a list of our current registered suppliers & builders in Australia.

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