Detoxify Your Home but Don’t Neglect Your Backyard

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There’s a lean towards cleaner living across the board with more emphasis on the state of our environment and its impact on our health. More and more people are eliminating toxic chemicals from their homes, with eco-friendly cleaning products and skin care ranges growing in popularity.

While household chemicals can be dangerous, releasing toxic fumes and polluting the environment, pool chemicals are no different. There’s tips all over the internet for detoxing your home, but what about your backyard?

People are swapping out skin care products for more natural alternatives. There’s natural sunscreens on the market, without the nasties. We’re putting in a lot of time and effort in the name of cleaner living, and then we go and jump into the pool. Chlorine contains chemicals which can dry out delicate skin, irritate eyes, lead to eczema and spark asthma attacks. Toxic by-products of swimming pool chemicals are also polluting the planet and damaging the environment as they find their way into the underground aquifers.

Many Australians have moved away from traditional chlorine, with salt water chlorination the most commonly used system for pool water purification in Australia. A common misconception is that salt water pools aren’t chlorine pools, but they are 100 per cent chlorine.

The salt is converted to chlorine using an electrolysis process as water passes through the treatment cell, so what you end up with is a chlorinated pool that requires ongoing chemical back up including stabiliser, algaecides and more. While it may be a better alternative, salt water is highly corrosive and is likely harming your pool surroundings, your plants and lawn, and is actually banned in some parts of the world.

Natural pools sit at the other end of the spectrum.

A natural pool is a system where the water is treated biologically, without the use of chlorine and chemicals, but has no proven sanitising properties. While pool owners may be able to accept unsightly algae growth, having no sanitation system in place can also be hazardous to one’s health.

We are passionate about minimising or eliminating harmful chemicals in swimming pools, however there has to be a common sense approach to this when it comes to bather safety.

With over 10 years of industry sales and more than 10,000 systems already installed, Enviroswim is the world’s first alternative patented electronic freshwater sanitising system, which simultaneously uses three processes; electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics.

The system removes the need for pool stabiliser, which has been banned in some parts of the world, minimises a pool’s impact on urban salinity and eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues.

The system has also taken out the top award for the ‘Sustainable Product of the Year’ at The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) WA Awards of Excellence.

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