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See below a comparison list with the pros and cons of the most common systems on the market. Towards the end of this page you may be surprised to learn that apart from Enviroswim not one of our competitors products has been shown to meet the required sanitising efficacy standards. In fact some have been proven not to meet the standards. With success come the copycats. Enviroswim sales continue to grow year on year thanks to great customer feedback spreading the word. Recently there have been a few new products come to market that claim to be the same or similar to Enviroswim. This is certainly not the case and would encroach on our patented technology. Five minutes for a quick call or email from you will allow us to explain the differences and could save you a lot of wasted money and stress. 

Ionisation: Copper/silver ionisation is the most popular form of swimming pool ionisation. Copper and silver are natures mineral sanitiser”s and have been used for thousands of years to sanitise water, treat burns, and many other uses, more recently NASA developed ionisation for sanitation use on the Apollo missions.

Pros: Copper and Silver are un effected by heat and UV which makes it easy to maintain a residual level in pool water. The copper and silver ions continue to work as an algaecide and biocide in the pool water even when the equipment is turned off.

Cons: Ionisers do not oxidise the organic compounds in the pool such as oils, dust, urine they require a residual oxidiser usually chlorine to be added to the pool. Ionisers have got a reputation for staining some types of pool surfaces.

There are many ioniser/oxidiser brands on the market including Ecosmarte, Bioniser, SwimFresh, Eclear  Aquamatics & Naked Pools. Enviroswim is often mistakenly regarded as a similar product. It is not, Enviroswim’s patented technology is unique, uses a different methodology and is backed up by independent assurances. As an example if we compare Enviroswim with Bioniser's optional oxidiser add-on, the Enviroswim Oxidiser is a powerful 225 watts compared to the Bioniser's maximum quoted 9 watts. 9 Watts at the oxidiser cell will have little to no effect as an oxidising agent in swimming pool water and will certainly require chemical oxidisers such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to be added frequently to ensure safe water quality and good clarity.  SwimFresh has absolute no oxidiser residual in the pool and therefore it cannot be regarded as a safe or satisfactory pool sanitiser. The Swim Fresh system uses ozone  as an oxidiser which has zero residual properties (see ozone section above) in the bathing area of the pool.  The only residual sanitisers in a SwimFresh pool are the copper and silver which on their own cannot meet the required guideline kill times to control dangerous bacteria in the pool and prevent bather to bather infection. This system will certainly require an additional oxidiser like chlorine to be added to the pool to meet the required standards.       Our tip…a little time spent researching products and asking suppliers for third party independent evidence & assurances that their product will maintain your pool in a safe and reliable manner, is time well spent to help avoid disappointment and exposure to life threatening bacteria later on.

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