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Chlorine is the most common form of swimming pool water purification used around the world. It is an effective sanitiser when used correctly. However, it is extremely volatile making it hard to maintain a continuous safe residual level in a swimming pool. The evidence of serious health issues associated with chlorination is growing at an alarming rate.

Chlorine has been used to sanitise water since 1908 in new jersey in the united states. Historically, it has worked wonders protecting us from all kinds of water-borne diseases. According to many of the “experts” in the swimming pool industry, there is no safe alternative to chlorine and there never will be. Yet sanitising your pool by adding chlorine brings with it all kinds of problems.

A chlorinated pool requires constant attention and dosing to maintain safe levels. It can be extremely corrosive to pool, equipment, stone, cement, surrounding plants, coping and bathing suits. The use of chlorine means regular physical handling and transportation of the concentrated chemicals and those 20 litre drums are heavy! Then, there are the ongoing chemical costs, not just for the chlorine, but also for stabiliser, acid, buffer, algaecides, flocculants etc. Etc. Etc.

More worrying than the costs are the health issues associated with its use. Recent studies have suggested that these include cancer, asthma, birth defects, pregnancy problems, heart problems, skin allergies and more. But that’s not all.

There is another chemical associated with its use that is causing concern. Cyanuric acid better know as stabiliser is used as a uv protector to hold chlorine in the water for longer periods. Cyanuric acid is a structural analogue of melamine. Melamine hit the headlines with the chinese milk powder deaths and the pet food scandal in the usa. We’re still learning about the unexpected side-effects of these chemicals.

Compare this to the Enviroswim Es3 complete pool water purification system that works without the need to add chlorine.

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