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Sydney pool builder Ivan Kekic from YI Design knows a lot about pools. So when he set out to design a pool for his new family home, his frustration with traditional pool systems prompted his search for an alternative.

His biggest goal, aside from avoiding the toxic effects of chlorine on his young children, was to minimise the hassle and cost involved with pool maintenance on his precious time off.

“I spend my days creating dream pools for my clients – but I also know that owning a pool can easily turn into a nightmare when it goes green, cloudy and costs a fortune to maintain,” said Ivan.

“Nobody wants to be a slave to their pool,” said Ivan. “You want the clearest, safest result for the least amount of maintenance and effort.”

His previous experience with traditional salt water chlorination systems – both professionally and as a pool owner – gave Ivan great insight when he came to choose a pool system for his family.

“I don’t want my kids swimming in chlorine, but I’ve been burnt with other systems before. Salt water destroys pavers and aluminium windows, while other freshwater systems require a chemistry degree to keep them in balance. I just knew there had to be a better way.”

Ivan’s research led him to online forums, where he learned more about the benefits of Enviroswim as a freshwater alternative.

“Every company will claim that their system is the best but for me it was the independent, unbiased reviews on sites like Productreview  that I took most notice of,” said Ivan.

This independent endorsement was backed by high praise from several of Ivan’s trusted advisors in the pool business.

“My contacts around the Sydney’s Northern Beaches do a lot of high end pools. When they said, ‘it’s the best system, don’t even think twice’, that gave me huge confidence in my choice.”

Since installing the Enviroswim ES3 System in his heated 100,000L pool, Ivan has noted phenomenal water clarity, no bacteria growth (even with the pool sitting at 31 degrees), and less damage to areas surrounding the pool.

“We had a lot of rain over summer, so I took a water sample to be tested. The guys at the pool shop really wanted to sell me a bunch of chemicals I didn’t need because they don’t understand the Enviroswim system. They just couldn’t work out how a sample with no chlorine and low salt levels came from a crystal clear pool.”

It turns out that the water clarity has surprised more than just the pool shop owner.

“We put the pool water into a soda water bottle before taking it to the pool shop – except we left it on the bench and forgot about it for a few days, until my wife opened it and poured herself a drink. It was the lack of bubbles – not the taste – that made her realise she was drinking pool water!”

Fortunately, Ivan’s wife had no need to worry. Enviroswim’s patented technology (combining electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics) produces water so clean it meets safe drinking water standards in New Zealand.

These days Ivan is more than happy to recommend the system to his customers based on his first-hand experience; and says the long term savings far outweigh the cost of installation.

His advice to other pool owners is to do the research and not base decisions on what the large chemical companies want you to buy – or advice from pool shops who rely on the sale of chemicals and a few accessories.

“Enviroswim saves owners both time and money by delivering a system that doesn’t use added chlorine, chemicals or stabilisers,” he said

“People don’t think about the ongoing running costs of the pool so it is a re-education process – but one that is well worth it.”

To find out more about why pool builders like Ivan trust Enviroswim’s patented three process system and low maintenance credentials, contact us

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