Fresh Water Swimming is Embraced in France

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Enviroswim is making a splash worldwide by eliminating chlorine and nasty chemicals from the pool.  Our unique purification technology is creating ripples as far as France due to the mass of health benefits associated with fresh-water swimming.

Enviroswim is breaking the mould by making swimming pools fresher and purer than a mountain stream. Created on the Gold Coast Enviroswim has attracted the attention of eco resorts in Brazil and the Maldives to private estates in France. We spoke to Julia Waters, who lives in a five bedroom charterhouse in southwest France, about the upside of throwing out the pool chemicals with Enviroswim.

Waters lives in no ordinary place. Her elegant five-bedroom villa in Occitanie, a vibrant region bordering Spain to the south, sits on 2.5 hectares of sculpted grounds which overlook the Pyrenees.

Featuring expansive provincial terraces, striking entrances, stone fireplaces and oak floors, the feeling of grandeur continues outside where a fully restored stone barn and dovecote sit next to century-old trees.  A thriving vegetable garden grows fresh ingredients for summer entertaining in the pool house, which features a classic open-plan dining space and the outdoor centerpiece: a vast overflow pool.

The 15 metre pool was built in 2012. In keeping with the salubrious Mediterranean surrounds, Waters said there was simply no place for toxic chemicals in her backyard. She was concerned about the potential health implications of chlorine and after researching the alternatives, Waters opted for freshwater.

“In France, there is a strong emphasis on natural living, from eating and drinking local, organically grown food and wine to using natural skincare products,” Mrs Waters said.

“When I think about all the effort we go to protect our health and wellbeing and preserve our environment, it’s clear that swimming pool chemicals just do not have a place.

“I like to swim all year round, and with freshwater there’s no harsh smell of chlorine; it is wonderful entertaining around the pool without feeling like racing off to have a shower after a swim.”

Enviroswim is the world’s first alternative patented electronic freshwater sanitising system, which simultaneously uses three processes; electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics.

The system removes the need for pool stabiliser, which has been banned in some parts of the world, minimises a pool’s impact on urban salinity and eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues.

“We have a lot of birds sit at the end of the pool and drink the water, and my miniature dachshund loves to swim in it,” she said.

“It cuts time treating the pool too – we travel a lot, sometimes for months on end, and when we uncover the pool on our return it’s almost crystal clear.”

In a world eschewing everything fake, all-natural is rapidly leading the way. From chemical-free makeup to eco-friendly toothbrushes and all-organic produce, discerning customers are stepping away from anything harmful to them and the planet every day.

It’s no surprise greener, cleaner swimming pools are being embraced worldwide. We wanted to create a system that didn’t use added chlorine, chemicals or stabilisers that are banned in some parts of the world. We found a way of combining ionisation and ultrasonics (a fancy word for sound frequencies) to remove impurities without adding chemicals.

The result is water so pure, it meets New Zealand drinking standards and serves as a fresh drinking bowl for pets and wildlife. Our clients regularly tell us that their pets prefer to drink out of the pool than their water bowl – it shows just how clean and pure the water is.

We’ve created the world’s most effective and natural pool purification system catering to a health-conscious market. The Enviroswim ES3 System reduces a pool’s carbon footprint by reducing pump run times by up to 50 per cent. By installing the Enviroswim pool sanitation system, customers will save money, protect the environment and safeguard their family’s health by minimising the use of toxic pool chemicals.

The system has undergone extensive independent testing and certification over a 10 year history, supporting the claim it offers a cleaner, greener, safer alternative to chemicals in swimming pools.

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