By utilising the Enviroswim system and a couple of cost effective additions this can be achieved very easily and inexpensively. With our patented unique Enviroswim ES3 V3, a simple semi automatic dosing pump and a wifi connected pool analyser this is possible.

Trips to the pool shop are now eliminated. Your pool water balance levels are reported to your smartphone once an hour and if by chance there is a parameter which needs your attention, you will be sent a notification to your phone and a course of action recommended to get your pool back to optimum condition.

Pool maintenance is usually carried out once a once or twice a month, by either the pool owner or their pool service guy. Water balance is tested and chemicals are added to correct water balance levels.

This method can, in some instances, be a waste of time and money as certain pool chemicals actually neutralise each other if they are added at the same time. This usually results in the pool water being in the correct and safe water balance for approximately 2 to 3 days per month. The days where the water balance is incorrect far outnumber the days where it is correct and this creates expense and, in some pools, unsafe swimming conditions.

The solution to reduce operating costs and maintenance whilst delivering the best swimming experience is the installation of the Enviroswim ES3 V3.

The Enviroswim ES3 V3 will provide all the sanitation for the pool. It will efficiently kill any bacteria and algae that may be present in the pool. Accreditation

Enviroswim’s semi automatic dosing pump will add a preset amount of pool acid to maintain the pH of the pool water. We recommend and only use these dosing pumps as we have found the fully automatic pH dosing systems to be very high maintenance, as probes are expensive and constantly need calibrating and adjusting, and are really not very accurate. This results in incorrect water balance caused by either overdosing or underdosing of pH control acid… Fully automatic pH dosing systems can be more trouble than they are worth!

Our remote WIFI pool analyser which floats in the pool or skimmer box is a device that reports to your smartphone and gives you, the owner, up-to-date water balance readings. The device also has the ability to share these readings to family members or a pool technician when you send a sharing code to their smartphone. This information is vital to set the correct operating times and adjust the semi auto dosing system to enable you to gain the best operating conditions for your pool.

Every pool we have retrofitted with our complete system to date has benefitted from fantastic water and reduced operating and maintenance costs in a very short period of time. Needless to say, if this system is installed on a new pool the owner will see these additional benefits from day one.

There is more information about this complete system and components on this website. If you would like to discuss how this would benefit your pool please contact us directly either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 07) 5655 6150.