There’s just over a million of us swimming pool owners here in Australia. Imagine if we united in a common cause, what a difference we could make.

The cause we are promoting here at Enviroswim is the right to enjoy natural, crystal clear freshwater in our swimming pools and reduce the amount of chemicals we must add to an absolute minimum. For this reason, we have developed and patented a revolution in swimming pool technology called the Enviroswim ES3 swimming pool water purification system.

We have so many reasons to promote a safer, cleaner and greener alternative to chlorine and salt for swimming pool sanitation. First and foremost is the pure enjoyment of swimming in a pure fresh water – an experience that has become increasingly rare in a world full of pollution and swimming pools awash with chemicals.

Then there are the health risks of using chemicals for swimming pool sanitation. More and more evidence is coming from around the world that the chemicals we add to our swimming pools are dangerous.

Not only are these chemicals hazardous, they are a hassle, costly and take a lot of time and effort to make sure they are working properly. Get it wrong and you’re looking at a green pool or worse, swimming in water that isn’t safe. Just as significant is the damage we are doing to the environment and the toxic by-products that are finding their way into the underground aquifers. Add to this the amount of electricity required to keep those pumps running through the extremes of our climate and you will realize that us pool owners are having quite an impact.

The good news is that the innovative technology we have developed can make a big difference in all these areas. It’s not called ENVIROswimfor nothing. Water is a precious commodity, nowhere more so than in Australia. One of the key benefits of our system is that the water is pure enough to re-cycle back on to lawns and plants. Some of our competitors advertise that you can do that with their systems. What they don’t tell you is that you have to dilute this water with five times the amount from the tap. So you’re wasting water.

Our system is not just better for the garden, it’s better for the environment. Take the salt chlorinator, which is the system used by the majority of Australians. In parts of California, salt chlorinators have been banned. The reason being that when the pool water backwash is plumbed into the sewage, it’s having an effect on the treatment centres because there’s too much salt. Salt is highly corrosive and, like chlorine, it’s an outdated technology that is harmful to the environment.

By contrast, check out what the people using the Enviroswim ES3 for their pool water purification have to say:

“There isn’t any algae growth, I was able to swallow the water with no ill effects and was able to water the potted plants around the pool with a bucket that I filled from the pool and the plants are better than thriving.”

“We have plants growing as part of the pool surrounds and unlike salt or chlorine pools any water from the pool that may fall on the plants does them good rather than harm.”

“By the way, our beloved cat would rather drink out of the pool than his water bowl.”

This is why we developed the world’s cleanest and greenest pool water purification system: to deliver the wonderful benefits of natural, crystal clear water to our customers, their families, their gardens – even their pets!

And this is why we are calling all swimming pool owners who are looking for a truly eco-friendly pool cleaner and a highly effective alternative to chlorine and salt: get in touch. We can back up everything we say and answer any questions you may have about pool sanitation systems.

Together, we can make a difference.