There’s nothing like it. The heat is on and you step out into your own backyard and dive into beautiful, crystal clear water. And if you have children, a swimming pool is the greatest gift you can give to your family – because a pool is so much more than a place to swim.

The health benefits of swimming are well documented. But there are all kinds of other benefits that come from building a pool on your property. For the children, it’s the most fun they can have at home. It gets them out of doors and away from the ubiquitous computers and televisions. It’s a wonderful attraction for friends to come by and play in the pool. Not only do you know where the kids are, you know they’re getting exercise and having fun all at the same time.

For the grownups, pool-side is a great place to entertain. Fire up the barbecue, chill some wine and simply hang out with your family and friends. Just being by water creates a relaxing atmosphere and nowadays, the aesthetic design of swimming pools has evolved into a high art. It can be like being in your own private oasis. Of course, you have to take care when selecting a pool builder if you want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally sensitive.

Malibu Pools is a brilliant company based in Brisbane that we have worked with for many years. Sean Lynch tells us what goes into the design of one of their pools. “Here’s a classic example of a contemporary pool. A stylish design complements the angles of the home’s architecture, while the pool and landscape have also been created with the environment in mind. It is the result of meticulous planning and smart design. Water-wise plants and mulch are incorporated into ingenious energy design, while the pool and gardens are all connected to tanks for pool top-ups and drip-feed irrigation. The pool and landscape were designed as part of an overall water-saving system on the property. Any water runoff from the home is used to top up the swimming pool and fill up storage water tanks. Water catchment systems, including evaporation blankets and freshwater sanitation systems, were also used to ensure this Brisbane site does its share for smart site sustainability.”

With such high standards, it comes as no surprise Malibu Pools was named Enviroswim Pool Builder of the Year. “The Enviroswim Pool Builder of the Year Awards centres on the importance of environmental responsibility and consumer safety as well as outstanding construction and design,” says Gary Stutt, managing director of Enviroswim Systems.

“Malibu Pools commitment to customer service continues long after the new pool is being enjoyed by its owners. By using and recommending the Enviroswim pool sanitation system, Malibu Pools is helping their customers save money and the environment as well as ensuring their health by minimising the use of toxic pool chemicals.”

The Enviroswim system uses three proven pool sanitation methods in one – copper-silver ionisation, electronic oxidisation and ultrasonic cleaning – to reduce the need for chemicals like chlorine, extend the life of pool pumps and improve the water quality.

Enviroswim is internationally recognised and used to provide safe, clean swimming pool water while virtually eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.

If you’d like to know more about Malibu Pools or the Enviroswim ES3, do get in touch.