Enviroswim technology is so efficient it needs far less running time.

Enviroswim blitzes all comers in the efficacy stakes. The patented system combines ionising electrodes with ultrasonics to annihilate bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So different to outmoded chlorine which, incredibly, release a mist of poisonous chlorine bubbles into your swimming pool to eventually kill bacteria. The result for Enviroswim pool owners is an invigorating, freshwater swimming experience in sparkling clean water.

Enviroswim's far superior efficacy also means less running time for your filter, with less power consumed and less wear and tear on your pump. Plus you're not forking out for a shedload of chemicals every other week. So you start saving from day one.

They used Chlorine Gas in WW1. Why is it still hanging around?

Don't get us started on chlorine and chemical companies. It's pool technology from the 70's that has no place in today's backyards. Enviroswim is actually the only Australian sanitiser that exceeds efficacy guidelines in both Australia and the USA - and it does not require the addition of one bubble of chlorine.

Enviroswim will provide fabulous fresh water.

'Mineral water' treatments make some pretty outrageous claims - even purporting to "replicate the healing properties of the Dead Sea" (!) Of course, it's too good to be true and just tricky marketing spin for what are essentially saltwater chlorinators, still full of chlorine and not at all what they claim to be.

It's so deceptive and confusing for people who are seeking out a healthy alternative. With Enviroswim there are absolutely no nasty chemicals to irritate eyes and skin - beneficial to everyone, especially asthmatics and eczema sufferers.

'Hydroxy' muddies the water

Some products claiming to be "pure" are actually far from it. If someone tries to sell you a system that utilises hydrogen peroxide, walk away. You do not want to be handling - let alone stockpiling - this dangerous chemical (known for its starring role in the London bombings).

Hydrogen Peroxide is banned for pool sanitisation in the US, UK and most of Europe, yet for some reason has been allowed to skip APVMA laboratory tests in Australia. It is unsafe and unproven. Check our comparison page if you are interested in learning all the details.

10,000 already installed.

From Aussie backyards, to luxury eco-resorts, to ocean liners that cruise the world - Enviroswim has been proven to be superior in every way to outdated and hazardous chemical-based pool sanitisation systems. And it can easily be fitted to any pool, new or old.

10 Years industry tested

Enviroswim is Australian designed and built, and proven in all climates and conditions including harsh, hot and humid areas such as Arizona, Nevada, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

10 years industry tested worldwide with thousands of satisfied customers, and not one claim on our money-back guarantee.

Water clean enough to drink.

Enviroswim produces water that is cleaner, fresher, purer than a mountain stream. Seriously, it contains less metal than the tap water you drink - it is absolutely pristine. You can even water your plants straight from the pool and they will love you for it!

Why most pool shops will never be fans.

Pool shops make a living by selling you chemicals. Chemicals you just won't need anymore. It's incredible the stories they will tell you about Enviroswim rather than simply saying "We'll miss you."

Thankfully, with more pool builders discovering and recommending Enviroswim, we've also found more forward-thinking pool shop owners embracing what is best for their customers. We know you'll love the difference Enviroswim makes to owning and maintaining a pristine swimming pool.


Michael, Melbourne

Everything you told us is true, the Enviroswim is very easy to use (set & forget), extermely low maintenace & best of all the water is pristine and clear each and every day without one drop of any chemical oxidiser, Read More...

Steve, Gold Coast

I am thrilled with Enviroswim. I have not needed to add chlorine at all. Our water is the cleanest it has ever been. I have been searching for a product that does what it claims to do without chlorine and other chemicals, Read More...

Bruce and Vickii, Tumbulgum, NSW.

We have had a large Enviroswim pool system (3 ES3 Units) for 4 years and it has operated faultlessly and maintained superb water quality throughout this time. In our previous home, we had a chlorine based pool system, Read More...

The environmental engineer, "The World" cruise ship.

We have used your ES3 model for nearly 9 months now, and we are very happy with it. The water is very clear and without any odour of chlorine. It is a very easy system to maintain and the installation was easy also. Read More...

Ray and Carolyn, Bonogin, Queensland.

We had a new pool constructed on our property just over 12 months ago. Upon hearing of the fresh water systems used in swimming pools in Cairns, we specially looked to have a similar system installed in our pool. Read More...

Install Enviroswim Now.

Place your order now and we'll respond quickly so you can enjoy swimming every day in water that's cleaner, fresher, purer than a mountain stream. If you're the slightest bit handy, Enviroswim is easy to install yourself. However, if you would prefer to have the system installed for you, contact us by phone or email and we will recommend someone in your area. Don't forget we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - a full refund within 90 days of purchase if the product fails to work as described when operated in accordance with our operating manual.

We're a professional, independant company so please don't hesitate to get in contact if you need our help.

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